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Chloe Sasha's Adventures

Tripawd precious pup

Chloe Sasha's Adventures

Post op – Day 1, 2 and 3

October 19th, 2015 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello Tripawd Family!  Guess What?  I’m officially a TRIPAWD!  I’m feeling good and learning new ways to life like the fact that I can get AWAY with a lot and get LOTS of treats HEHEHEHEHE… not bad!  Thank you all for the support, especially for my mama.  She wants to give you an update on my progress.

Hello Everyone!  Chloe had her front leg amputation surgery on Friday, Oct. 16th. They also did biopsy on her swollen lymph node and the leg tumor.  I dropped her off at 8:30am, cried my eyes out then went home and polished the house to keep my mind off her.  Doctor called in the afternoon to say surgery went well and she was resting, cried a bit from pain but they were keeping her dosed on pain meds and lots of attention.  I went over at 8pm to pick her up with my daughter.  They bought her into the room wrapped in a big plushy blanket and she looked so out of it.  It was hard to see her like that, with a soft cone on her head and just a little glaze in her eyes.  They showed us the incision and that was a heartbreaking site. Thank goodness you guys prepared me otherwise I would have been a mess.  I didn’t even know how to carry her without feeling like she was going to be in pain.  We got her home, lay her in our bed and gave her the dosage suggested of pain meds and she had some yogurt that she licked from my fingers as she layed there without movement.  She slept in the crate next to my bed on a bench to keep her at eye level, otherwise she would cry if she couldn’t see me.  She managed a few hrs of shut eye and I would wake up and make sure she was ok and breathing every few because I was paranoid.  Next day around 7:30am she was whimpering and I took it as sign for more meds and potty break.  I took off the cone and gently carried her outside.  That was so hard to watch, I kept trying to keep her from falling as she did a little drunk dance trying to potty.  After she was done I carried her in and put on her new glamorous t-shirt that was bedazzled. I set her down to try and drink water. At first she was hesitant and didn’t move then she gathered her strength and went for it.  What a joy to see her do that!  Then she just started hopping around… at first a little wobbly but then a little stronger.  She spent her day like this but mostly laying down and resting or cuddling with us.  The next day she was even more amazing. She was normal!!!  Showed no sign of pain or distress… hopping through the house especially when we unwrapped her favorite treat, Kraft cheese singles… boy does that get her going (see video below LOL).  So today is day 3 and she went out this morning like a champion to go potty, no assistance required at all. She took her meds and is now home relaxing.  I am very proud of her strength, courage, resilience and recovery.  I can’t believe how amazing after just one day she did.  This little furry trooper is beyond inspiring.  She has shown us how nothing can keep her positive attitude towards life down.  Her brother Bailey has been great with her and has been benefiting from all these extra treats and cuddles.   We will get her biopsy results today or tomorrow the latest… we are all staying positive.  She has given us so much reason to stay positive with that full of life attitude she displays.  No matter what happens… every day is s special day to cherish with my little Bunny (new nickname).  We will continue this journey together and I will share it with you and anyone who wants to be inspired by a little 9lb furball.

I just want to say THANK YOU to the “Tripawds” family website, the encouraging words and support has been beyond valuable.  Thank you to Dr. Scott Gaydos at Vernon Veterinary Clinic for his outstanding care to my angel and to the entire staff at the clinic.  Everyone played a part whether it was handing me a tissue, or coming in to comfort Chloe.   Below are two videos.

1 day prior to surgery

1 day after surgery – amazing!


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  • harmony


  • dobemom

    She’s doing PAWESOME! So happy for you guys! Nitro would not do as well on your floors, we have to have runners everywhere – I think dogs closer to the floor have it a little easier. Keep up the good work, Chloe Sasha….you are adorable!

    Paula and Nitro

    • cruzingcruzs

      Thank you!! Yes she is very light weight and closer to floor lol not too far to go down 🙂 I’m proud of my bunny foo foo

  • benny55

    Look at BUNNY CHLOE go!!! OMD!! She is so darn cute! And Bailey is absolutely adorable too!

    I’m so glad her recovery is going so well! You may still have a down time or two…or not! Chloe is showing future tripawds how to rock recovery with style! She looks so cute in her little tee shirt and her adorable bunny bounce!

    It doesn’t matter what the repprt says, Chloe is doing remarkably well! Just days into recovery, this little girl is already living life to the fullest! And it even gets better!!!

    You have a great attit. Stay in the moment and treasure every sacred second…Chloe Sasha Bunny sure is!

    A d keep these adorable videos coming! Can’t stop grinning!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    • cruzingcruzs

      Hi Sally! Thank you so much for the kind encouraging words. There is no stopping this little bunny foo foo!

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