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Chloe Sasha's Adventures

Tripawd precious pup

Chloe Sasha's Adventures

24 days Post-op

November 9th, 2015 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello Tripawds Family!!! Here is little Miss Chloe Sasha 24 days post-op.  She is doing fantastic.  I am beyond ecstatic with her healing and her adjustment to her new life. Making the decision to amputate was tough and right up to the day even unsure that it was right to do but now I know it was the best thing for her. She is so happy again and her appetite is back.   I have zero regrets. I look at her and my heart fills with so much joy to see that she is doing so well. Everyday is a gift with my peanut.

tripawd1I reived my PRIZED BANDANA!!!! I’m so excited to wear it, its an honor.
To me its like receiving a medal and joining a very elite group.tripawd2My mommy gave me my first bath since surgery and here I am all clean and scab free!!
My scar makes me feel like a Warrior Princess 🙂tripawd3

I sleep like a baby, all comfy and snuggled because i’m painfree

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6 Comments so far ↓

  • dobemom

    Good job Chloe Sasha! Glad you are adjusting to life on 3 legs, I knew you could do it! It’s a great feeling to reach the point when you KNOW you did the right thing to amputate. She is also adorable, glad things are going well.

    Paula and Nitro

    • cruzingcruzs

      Thank you Paula and Nitro!! I actually do feel that my decision was the only decision. She is a little ham, loves the attention.

  • linda8115

    Lovely Chloe Sasha looks wonderful rocking her new bandanna. So happy to hear she’s doing well! You GO little girl!
    Linda & Max

  • jerry

    Soooo sweet! And it’s an honor to have YOU fly our flag Miss Chloe!

    Both of you have come so very far. I remember when you joined us and what your emotions were like. Look at the road you’ve traveled…you are amazing!

    Hugs to the pack, don’t be a stranger.

    • cruzingcruzs

      Hi Jerry! Thank you so much! Chloe is a very confident Tripawd.
      I am only as amazing as this amazing community has helped me to be… you and everyone here gave me and Chloe the knowledge, the strength and the support to rise up to this challenge. THANK YOU you and eveyrone here are the AMAZING ONES!
      XOXOXO, I will forever be grateful and never a stranger 🙂

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